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Midtown Swingers' Club Sold For A Hefty $618K

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Attention Atlanta swingers: Your favorite Midtown sex dungeon is moving. In a transaction scheduled to close April 15, the 3,400 square-foot property that currently houses The New Club Venus will be sold for a seductive $618,000. The club sits in a nondescript building on Dutch Valley Place, just off Monroe Drive, and Realtor Kristle Breland confirmed that "a group of investors" is buying the building — which reportedly features an S&M Dungeon, soundproof rooms and a walk-in shower — as is. Atlanta is home to two or three other swingers' joints, but the rest are on the city's fringes, so it's pretty wild that this has been going down right outside Piedmont Park.

Breland said the sale is the first of a commercial property in Midtown in about three years, and that she hopes that the price tag will "help drive commercial prices back up" and increase property values in the area. The Realtor didn't necessarily mean a swingers' club's departure would improve property values, but it probably won't hurt. One would also imagine that Club Venus' immediate neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief, but their burden will soon be someone else's — a club spokeswoman said the facility will be shutting down April 13 and announcing its new location at that time. Any guesses, Sexcapaders?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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