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Presenting The Anonymous, Hate-Filled Email Of The Week

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Someone wants a hard-hitting investigation into the aesthetic wherewithal of Atlanta's tucked-away design marketplace, Miami Circle. The collection of storefronts off Piedmont Road is home to more than 60 showrooms, offering everything from antique lamps and off-kilter art to, soon, an upscale bowling alley. Still, one anonymous e-mailer thinks the place is tripe, writing: "Please launch an exposé into why Atlanta's 'design district' Miami Circle looks like a dead-end freeway off-ramp with some warehouses drunkenly thrown up around it. And did you see the design of the anti-Painted Pin signs? It's like the antithesis of design. I think it's time the East or Westside gives those lazy Buckheads a run for their money." While the Painted Pin controversy died out last year, does this person have a concern that's valid now? Does the mob have something to do with this? [CATL Tipline]
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