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Live, Work, Whatever At King Plow For $399,000

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Industrial-chic fanatics should flip for this live-work space at the King Plow Arts Center that dates back to 1902. Alternately, a buyer could just live here, or just work here. Doing both at once isn't required. In fact, simultaneously living — really living, man — and working is very difficult. Anyhow, we're told the King Plow Group owns most properties here, but this 2,000 square-foot space happens to be for sale — for $399,000. The former business occupant is still set up here but isn't operational (for the right price, all the personal property on site is for sale, too). So don't mind the computers and office cabinetry while envisioning yourself cozying up in this stylish brick cavern. Added bonus: The single-story loft (that's only a 160-square-foot storage area up top) is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, which probably makes it cooler than your office. It might take some serious loot to morph this into suitable living quarters, though the listing insists the finishes that come with the space are incredible. Anyone planning to lay their head here nightly might want to scrape the company logo off the entry doors and purge the old signage. Or legally change their name to CCT Solutions.
· 887 Marietta St. M104 [LoopNet]

King Plow Arts Center

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