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North Atlanta Manse Asks An Astounding $48 Million!

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One of the most expensive home listings in America at the moment can be found somewhere in the leafy northwest reaches of Atlanta. This 17,776 square-foot puppy is so grandiose, so chockfull of valuables, the seller won't disclose the address, only hinting that it's somewhere in Riverview. The listing agent calls the "true masterpiece" a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and now the chance is yours, provided your bank account can handle deductions from a $48 million note. To put this price in context, look no further than Big Poppa's Unsold Temple Of Gaud, which was formerly Atlanta's priciest listing at a mere $15.9 million (and with 8,000 more square feet). Not even Evander Holyfield's sprawling foreclosure comes close.

While the Real Deal's estate was a mind-boggling 45,000 square feet, it was valued at just $10 million before the real estate bust. Anyhow, the $48 million English manor provides the opportunity for some lucky would-be owner to play country squire right here in Fulton County. Perks include two kitchens, a saline Pebble Tec pool, a one-bedroom pool house (to compliment the four-bedroom guest house), a media room and a playground. It's not as old as it seems, having been built in 1993 of brick and limestone "with the finest European craftsmanship." What's more, the current owner will throw in "one of the finest collections of eclectic furnishings in the world." The home would make a nice party palace for Justin Bieber— if it wasn't five times his budget.
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