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Atlanta Gets A Big Ole Virtual Hug From HuffPo

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CNNMoney recently cited a Penske Truck report indicating that, for the fourth year running, Atlanta tops the list of places people are moving to, but The Huffington Post still thinks we're under-appreciated. Their new post "Why Atlanta Is The Big American City You've Been Missing Out On" lists 20 reasons to love Atlanta. Some are totally legit: the King Center, street art, Buford Highway, hip-hop, the busiest airport in the world and the fact that we have almost more festivals than people. Others are a bit questionable ...

For example, the article cites the abundance of streets named Peachtree (yawn), the Clermont Lounge (it has its place, but is it really one of the first things we want people to associate with our city?) and the traffic (whoever listed this as a positive must work from home). It's super sweet of them to give ATL an online high-five for its awesomeness, but they've missed a few key things. How about a more prominent mention of the Beltline, the fact that we're sipping margaritas on patios while most of the country digs out of the snow, the low cost of living (less than half of what you'd pay in Manhattan)? And let's not forget the unique personalities of our intown neighborhoods, Southern hospitality (if you don't think it's a real thing, you haven't lived outside the South), the fact that crime has dropped more than 33 percent since 2002 or the profusion of Fortune 500 companies and job opportunities. Atlanta ... how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.
· Why Atlanta Is The Big American City You've Been Missing Out On [Huffington Post]

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