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Civic Heads Promise Laser Focus On 4 Projects, Problems

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A sizable group of Atlanta's movers-and-shakers recently convened to single out four ongoing projects in the city that some might also view as problems — probjects, if you will. The Urban Land Institute's Livable Communities Council gathered at The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta to create a shortlist of probjects that could have the greatest impact on future development — things they can succinctly identify and put their energies toward, according to the Saporta Report. They are as follows: 1. Help develop affordable workforce housing along the Atlanta Beltline; 2. Explore "transit-oriented development" opportunities along MARTA's south and west transit lines; 3. Explore the opportunities to reinvigorate Underground Atlanta; and 4. Transform the Lindbergh MARTA station into a national "transit-oriented development" model. Sounds pipe-dreamy but worthy of applause, right?

Roughly 40 LCC members helped to whittle the probjects down. The new LCC chair is Mark Toro, managing partner of North American Properties, the company behind Atlantic Station's revamp and Alpharetta's Avalon project. What didn't make the Final Four? Hefty matters like "an economic development strategy for the Atlanta Beltline"; helping redevelop areas around the new Atlanta Falcons stadium; and jumpstarting the Fort McPherson redevelopment, Saporta reports.

The article inspired interesting commentary, including this backhanded compliment from "The Regenerator," who we're guessing lived in Atlanta before the advent of the Beltline:

"I lived there for three years and was amazed at the untapped potential of Atlanta," writes the commenter. "Vibrant and interesting neighborhoods but they're disconnected and disjointed from each other. It's screaming to be a thriving cosmopolitan city but all it ever seems to be is L.A.'s little sprawling sister. I can only put it down to city/state political apathy and a good old boys' club which refuses to release their choke-hold on the city."

Cough, cough.

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