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Floating Kitchen, Beltline Access In Inman Park For $335K

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The only way to live closer to the Beltline's Eastside Trail than you would in this two-bedroom loft at The Brickworks is to pitch a tent on the path itself, but there's a really good chance that's illegal. The layout of the 1,615-square-foot unit is — ummmm, how do you say? — wacky. Yes, that's it. Wacky. The kitchen/dining area floats serenely over the main living area, and one bedroom has a cutout that allows the homeowner to peer out over the area below in what must be a pretty creepy manner. On the bright side (literally), the huge picture windows make the place sunny and airy, and the floor-to-ceiling exposed brick has a lot of personality. Estately lists two bathrooms, but photos definitely seem to show three and another listing site supports that. For $335,000, the buyer gets a home with a Walk Score of 80/100, easy access to the Beltline, two assigned parking spots, and highly rated Lin Elementary and Inman Middle school districts. Maybe that layout is tolerable, after all.
· 600 Brickworks Circle, Unit 6101 [Estately]