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Bro Down In Buckhead For The Price Of 399K + Your Dignity

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Sup, brah? Check out this two-bedroom, two-bath "ultimate Man Cave in the sky." It's walking distance to Buffalo Wild Wings (poundin' beers, watchin' sports, yeah!) and has a wet bar straight out of the 1980s (mirrored back = twice the booze!), enough gleaming black surfaces and ill-advised wall treatments to keep those pesky women away while the game's on plus slick electronic shades for sexy time at the push of a button. There's even a gym downstairs when it's time to go into beast mode! The dated features of the 2,418-square-foot bachelor paradise are odd, considering the building wasn't built until 1992, but there's just no accounting for taste. Redeeming features include bad-ass views of Downtown and Buckhead, hardwood floors, a convenient location and the knowledge that paint isn't that expensive.
· 3475 Oak Valley Road, Unit 1720 [Estately]