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Wanted: Videos Documenting One Real Day In Atlanta

Fun fact: Smart phone video cameras are actually capable of shooting footage that does not feature cats leaping adorably into boxes and/or bags. Who knew?! On April 26, aspiring filmmakers can try this oft-neglected feature during the One Day In Atlanta project (part of an undertaking by nonprofit One Day On Earth). The plan is to have people all over the city create videos that explore Atlanta's challenges, high points and future. The resulting masterpieces will be shown online via an interactive map and possibly — for the best of the best — showcased on a TV series about the future of American cities.

Participants will film only on April 26 (thus the "one day" in the project's title) and will aim to answer one or more of these questions in their films:

1. Why are you in Atlanta?
2. What do you love about Atlanta?
3. What is the best thing happening in Atlanta today?
4. What are Atlanta's biggest challenges?
5. Who is Atlanta not serving?
6. What is the worst thing that could happen to Atlanta?
7. What are the solutions that Atlanta needs to implement?
8. How are people changing the future of Atlanta?
9. What do you hope for Atlanta in the next 20 years?
10. Make up your own question (aka, The Whatevs Option)

With all that's happening in the city, the timing couldn't be better. Plus, all the cool kids are doing it, which is to say, the project has partnered with MARTA, the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Buckhead Community Improvement District, Atlanta Regional Commission, Atlanta Housing Authority, Look Up Atlanta, Trees Atlanta and many others. So let's have some dignity and not all rush out to the Clermont to film Blondie.

· One Day In Atlanta [Website]