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$300K Buys 'Sexy Watchtower' Townhome In Grant Park

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Townhome buyers hankering for a little penitentiary flair should mosey on down to Grant Park. Here, standing like a sentry among the City Space Townhomes, is a former developer's residence affectionately known as "The Watchtower," or as the listing agent describes it: "sexy." Besides the $300,000 asking price, which seems reasonable for a townhome with a two-car garage, the main selling point appears to be The Watchtower's freestanding status. The rooftop deck probably isn't shabby, either, with its Oakland Cemetery views, but these listing photos leave us all hanging. Built in 2002, The Watchtower offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms and 1,376 square feet, which means it isn't huge despite the imposing visage. With so many porthole windows, allegations that it's "bathed in natural sunlight" are suspect at best.
· 307 Cherokee Ave. [Sotheby's]