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Here Now, Atlanta's Parking Garage Hall Of Shame

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Frontrunner in the Downright Hideous Division.
Frontrunner in the Downright Hideous Division.

Ah, the Atlanta parking garage. When exposed, you are the emblem of bad city planning. You represent a lucrative business venture, but a soul-sucking waste of urban terrain. You are bland and lifeless, the antithesis of greenspace and bustling storefronts, useful only to inhale our commuting legions and spit them back out. You are everywhere, especially downtown. This Visual Journey is an effort to dishonor the most criminally awful of Atlanta's exposed parking structures — or a few of them, at least. It's a shame there's so many, and that they've become so much a part of Atlanta's urban tapestry they tend to fade into the cityscape. This isn't a comprehensive list, of course, so feel free to nominate other life-killing garages not mentioned here. In the near future, expect a March Madness-style tourney to determine, once and for all, the most terrible parking garage in Atlanta.
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[Photos: Christopher T. Martin, Curbed Atlanta]