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Spacious 1920s Bungalow Offers Surprises Galore For $850K

This four-bedroom, four-bathroom Va-Hi bungalow is the mullet of homes — business in the front, party in the back. Its attractive but relatively mundane facade conceals a landscaped backyard oasis complete with hot tub, pool (in a sexy, non-rectangular shape, no less), patio and deck overlooking the whole shebang. A row of evergreens along the property's edge hides the party from neighbors' prying eyes. Inside, three levels feature a guest suite with its own private deck, a large master suite with a steam shower and a cavernous wooden loft area above the living room that could easily be transformed into, let's say, a skating rink or Twister tournament venue (a space like that is limited only by the buyer's imagination.) The garage adds 576 square feet of storage to the home's 3,865 square feet. The surprising house also features three fireplaces, soaring ceilings with skylights and a wet bar in the living room. All of this is hidden just a seven minute walk from Piedmont Park and the Beltline. Who knew? The asking price of $850K is, however, about 25 percent more than what the house was sold for just two years ago.
· 1151 Orme Circle [Estately]