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Here Now, A Glimpse Of YOO Tower Near Piedmont Park

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Renderings for a residential high-rise near Piedmont Park suggest it could shatter the mold cast by recent apartment towers across the city, while still being mostly glass. A group called The Trillist Companies has published images of Yoo on the Park with promises the "exciting residential project in Atlanta's lively Midtown neighborhood" will be officially announced soon. UPDATE: The colorful buildings in the photos are actually meant to represent a cloaked tower whose design is a secret. The project will more closely resemble this and this. Located on 13th Street, about a block west of Piedmont Park, the tower is conceived as "a veritable extension of the park itself, reflecting its greenery, fitness-focus, and liveliness, while adding superb luxury finishes, state-of-the-art technology, and the inventive, unexpected design touches that are immediately and singularly recognizable as YOO," the website teases. And that's not all: A second YOO project is also "close to commencing construction" just up the street. Adds the site: "These groundbreaking projects represent the first time a developer has introduced a globally-renowned lifestyle brand to the residential market."

[YOO on the Park images via Trillist.]

A few blocks away on the Midtown Mile, another YOO project is slated to rise at 1138 Peachtree. While the website gives no indication of the size of either project, it's clear in stating the Midtown Mile development will be more mixed-use, adding: "Midtown Atlanta is the most sought-after residential destination in a city that is increasingly abandoning sprawl for an authentic, sophisticated in-town lifestyle."

Officials have previously told Curbed Atlanta plans called for YOO on the Park to rise 25 stories. Meanwhile, when news broke last year about the Midtown Mile tower, Tivoli Properties had a 51-story high-rise in mind, with 364 apartments and more than 50,000 square feet of retail. Those plans might very well have changed by now.

The Trillist site says they've partnered with YOO to deliver signature YOO properties throughout the United States, with the focus now being on Atlanta and South Florida. Both Trillist and Tivoli Properties market the projects on their respective websites. One possible explanation: Developer Scott Leventhal, former manager of Tivoli, is listed as co-founder and CEO of Trillist, which launched this year.

Lest we forget Tivoli's big talk and no walk about the stunning Mandarin Oriental tower in Midtown that never came to be. We ranked that first on our arbitrary list of 10 Atlanta towers that never happened.

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1138 Peachtree

1138 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA