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North Buckhead Sets Priorities, Cares Not About Socializing

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The North Buckhead Civic Association — whose website extensively uses the Comic Sans font, seemingly without irony — recently conducted a poll to determine residents' priorities. According to the NBCA, "Atlanta's fourth most populous neighborhood, is experiencing spectacular growth and success but needs a broadly supported plan to guide it to even greater heights and better quality of life by addressing our growing traffic congestion; our limited pedestrian access to parks, schools, and shopping; our speeding; our areas where land use should be better; and other aspects which diminish our quality of life."

So what do North Buckheaders care about? Not socializing, that's for damn sure. And in a somewhat surprising twist, communications concern them more than traffic, which just over half of the participants considered a "high priority." Only about a third of respondents thought "eyesores, etc." (what exactly does that "etc." refer to?) should be a focus.

When asked about their support for various parks and rec projects, PATH400 received the most opposition, but was supported by well over half of those polled.

· Work Begins on North Buckhead's Master Plan [Buckhead Patch]
[Map and graphs via the North Buckhead Civic Association.]