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Think You Can't Afford To Rent On The Beltline? Think Again.

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So you want to rent on the Beltline, to live like a true urbanite, to walk or bike to bars and brunch and coffee dates and maybe even work. But all the talk of $1,435 (plus $25 trash fee, $5 pest control fee, $40 mandatory internet and $75 parking) per month for a wee li'l studio at Ponce City Market is making that lifestyle seem out of reach. To that, we say, "Nonsense!" Your options are plentiful.

729 Bonaventure Avenue
Rent: $795/month
Bedrooms: Studio
Bathrooms: One
Walk to Beltline: Eight minutes
Okay, so she's not fancy. At all. But she is a mere $795 (with a rent-to-own option), and that certainly counts for something. If you're young, broke and Beltline-bound, this affordable choice may be worth a look.

784 Ponce De Leon Place
Rent: $1,100/month
Bedrooms: One
Bathrooms: One
Walk to Beltline: Four minutes
The Highland View apartments also have studios starting at $968/month and two-bedrooms starting at $1,655. You'll get a gym, hardwood floors, security alarms and a balcony for hundreds less than you might pay at PCM. (The PCM lofts are lovely and muy convenient but not the only option.)

628 Irwin Street NE, Unit 9
Rent: $2,500/month
Bedrooms: Three (1,742 square feet)
Bathrooms: Three and a half
Walk to Beltline: TWO minutes! ZOMG!
At first glance, this is the priciest option, but with more than 1,700 square feet of space, there's more than enough room for a roommate — or even two. And it's practically sitting on the Eastside Trail's Old Fourth Ward entrance. It has vaulted ceilings, a garage, hardwood floors and a big porch. Never mind that several of the photos appear to have been taken from a cat's point of view.

660 Ralph Mcgill Boulevard at AMLI Parkside
Rent: $1,628/month
Bedrooms: Two (1,087 square feet)
Bathrooms: Two
Walk to Beltline: 10 minutes
Splitting this two-bedroom with a roomie could bring the monthly rent down to $814 a piece. Easy peasy. This information is for the Essence floorplan. There are several others ranging from $1,114/month for a studio to $1,902/month for a larger two-bedroom, two-bathroom. This unit features a balcony, 10-foot ceilings, cherry cabinets and plenty of light.

650 Glen Iris Drive in the Troy Peerless Building
Rent: $1,575/month
Bedrooms: Two (1,075 square feet)
Bathrooms: One and a half
Walk to Beltline: Nine minutes
This unit is so industrial it could be mistaken for a bunker in Berlin were it not for the plentiful sunlight streaming in through its massive windows. A rooftop chillout area and dungeon-esque gym and ping pong area are included.

87 Druid Circle, Apartment C
Rent: $1,295/month
Bedrooms: Two (1,200 square feet)
Bathrooms: One
Walk to Beltline: Eight minutes
Let us ignore the fact that the floorplan appears to have been scrawled by a serial killer and focus instead on the fact that this is a roomy terrace-level apartment in Inman Park, a short jaunt to the Beltline, for less than $1,300/month. But seriously, what is with that floorplan? · Update: Ponce City Market apartment rents stir debate [Atlanta Intown]