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With ATL Apartments, Are Download Speeds The New Water?

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In a recent interview with Bisnow Atlanta, Mark Toro of North American Properties shared the interesting insight that gigabyte Internet connectivity will be par for the course for the company's projects in the future. "We're looking at gigabyte speeds the same way we look at water and sewer and natural gas," Toro told the website. That thinking applies to NAP's Avalon project — where retailers will be able to download voluminous sales reports in a matter of seconds, saving crazy time — and their 276-unit apartment project in the Old Fourth Ward, BOHO4W.

With the apartments, Toro told Bisnow, the huge bandwidth will better the lives of Millennials in the tech industry or who work for themselves. (To be sure, they won't be dealing with that annoying dial-up gargling or the maddening pinwheel). With ultra high-speed connections, the key difference is that data travel via fiber optic, instead of copper lines, allowing download speeds up to 100 times faster than normal, or one gigabyte per second, Toro told Atlanta magazine. This all raises the question: When will gigabyte speeds be commonplace across all new developments, or even new homes? When will renters, buyers and business people in Atlanta demand this? And how much more will they be willing to pay for it? BOHO4W leasing rates don't appear to be public yet.

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[Image via Bohemian House Old Fourth Ward.]

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