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2M GA Drivers Cross 'Structurally Deficient' Bridges Every Day

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If you have a fear of bridges, stop reading right now, and look at photos of relaxing pools instead. Because no good will come of you finding out that the Federal Highway Administration's most recent bridge inventory found 835 "structurally deficient" bridges in Georgia and another 1,765 that are "functionally obsolete" — meaning that they don't meet current design standards. That's a significant number of sketchy bridges, but on the (kinda) bright side, 40 other states have a higher percentage of bridges that need repair. Georgia would need an estimated $14.8 billion to get all of the state's 14,769 bridges in tip-top shape, so it's not a problem that's going to be solved in the next few weeks or even months.

The three most heavily trafficked deficient bridges are all on Interstate 75 and, combined, they endure more than 300,000 crossings every day. If all of this freaks you out, it's important to note that neither of the aforementioned classifications is meant to imply that the bridges in question are anywhere close to collapse, just that they are in need of repair. So for now, cross that bridge when you come to it but have some patience when work crews slow your commute. Our bridges need some TLC.

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