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The (Not So) Prestigious Curbed Atlanta Deck And Patio Awards

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The sun is out. Festival season is in full swing. The heat isn't unbearable (yet). It's the perfect time of year to relax with a cocktail and a book on the deck or patio. Atlanta has no shortage of homes with impressive outdoor spaces, but after perusing the current listings, eight stood above the rest. These epic examples of open-air delight have earned Curbed Atlanta Deck And Patio Awards, which is a completely fictional thing we just made up that has no value or even physical presence, but still! Still! They should be so proud.

Best Deck For Going With The Flow...

3961 Paces Ferry Drive
Hearing the sound of water rushing along, feeling the wind on your face, watching the occasional beer can floating past... aaaaah, the serenity. This home's multilevel private deck on the Chattahoochee has it all.

Best Home Patio For Sports Lovers...

2167 Mount Paran Road
Sip cocktails while watching athletes sweat it out for your amusement on the private tennis court and basketball court adjacent to this concrete slab. Now that's entertainment!

Best Deck For Pretending You're Indoors...

1586 Cave Road
This deck wins not so much because there's a fireplace. Or a roof. Or a ceiling fan. But because there's a television built into the fireplace. At some point, you have to wonder why you're outside at all.

Best Deck For Unattractive Tan Lines...

1794 Windemere Drive
Whether it's the sun streaming through the lattice work to your left or the decorative railings in front of you, this small deck is bound to leave you with some seriously funky tan lines. Fortunately, there's another full deck beneath this one if you don't look good in stripes.

Best Deck For Rocking Out...

710 Brookwoods Terrace
Sure, anyone could fill their entire deck with rocking chairs. But not everyone does. To those about to rock, we salute you — and your poolside view.

Best Substitute For Stairs Near A Deck...

2115 Westwood Road
Weeeeeeeee! Who needs stairs when you can slide from the deck area to the bottom floor? Asking whether you'd rather take the steps or zip down the slide is like asking whether you'd prefer a kick to the head or a bag of cash. Nobody's taking the stairs.

Best Deck For Inviting The Whole Neighborhood Over...

1319 Briarwood Drive
When a large wrap-around deck isn't quite enough, why not just make the whole back of the house out of decks? Voilà! Instant party space for everyone you know!

Best Space For An Outdoor Tea Party...

3825 Club Drive
With its vintage-inspired chandelier and twee cabinet this adorable little gazebo just begs for an English tea party. On hot days, fake it with iced tea in a little teapot. No one will tell.