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For $259K, Mid-Century Meets Mediterranean (And Motel 6)

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Built in 1966, this funky Doraville residence is a time capsule to an era when wood-slat ceilings ruled. And with four bedrooms and a $259,000 price tag, it's proof the dollar can still stretch pretty far Inside The Perimeter barely OTP. The listing tells us the "VERY unique floor plan" is repeated only once in the Northcrest subdivision, which boasts a swimming and tennis club. The aesthetic is certainly contemporary, but this one incorporates courtyard functionality and a Mediterranean vibe (and a rare sunken shower!) Conversely, certain rooms and corridors have all the low-ceilinged charm of a Motel 6. Purging the existing furniture would obviously go a long way in pumping up the sex appeal. The 2,500-square-foot home was listed a few weeks ago, and a $10,000 price chop earlier this month may have done the trick, as the sale is listed as pending. Here's hoping this rough diamond soon shines.
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