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Modern Style + Brand New + $279,000 = Say What?

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Let's start with the facts: This brand-new home is about 2,000 square feet. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and is listed for $279,900. Now for opinion: WTF?!? So the location is listed as Ormewood Park/East Atlanta, but if our research is accurate, this home sits just south of the Ormewood border, west of Moreland Avenue. It's not the only modern-style residence on the street, and each house is both striking and unique. The finishes and layout look well beyond serviceable, what with the waterfall-edge quartz countertops and the floating modern shower. There's a custom staircase and a back deck with that cool horizontal railing. The listing agent advises potential buyers to "live out your case study house dreams because at this price you can afford all the Knoll and B&B Italia furniture you want!" True, it's not a Modern Marvel on par with this Old Fourth Ward masterpiece. And sure, the phrase, "I'm dying to send my children to South Atlanta High School" may have never been spoken. And, okay, the walkability aspect leaves something to desired. But still ...
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