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At $475K, Fancy-Pants Midtown Condo Shoots For Stars

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A closet chandelier usually spells one thing: Pretentiousness to the nines. But this renovated two-bedroom unit at the coveted 905 Juniper building retains its decorative sanity, if barely. In fact, its penchant for ornate lighting and white cabinetry seems a little refreshing, contrasting the usual minimalism of Atlanta's condo world. Though it is a light-filled corner unit, it's not exactly sprawling at 1,253 square feet, and thus the $475,000 ask might be a little much for some buyers to choke down. Built in 2006, the unit offers two full baths (one with lovely wallpaper!), a concierge and access to a pool and hot tub that are reportedly killer. The grandma-grade ceilings fans in the bedrooms could use some upgrading, especially in a home with a Sub-Zero refrigerator. Touching on a trend we've seen a lot of lately, the listing specifies that H.O.A. fees include very fast Internet — in this case, a 10-megabyte connection.
· 905 Juniper St. Unit 508 [Estately]