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GA's Google Searches Revealed: Butt Implants, Divorce & Spanx

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If most of us had the choice between showing the world our underwear drawer, our most unflattering photo or our internet search history, we'd gladly throw open our dressers and photo albums. After seeing Estately's blog post on the search terms that Georgia uses more than other states, it's easy to see why we clear our browsers on the reg. According to the data, Georgians are looking for butt implants, weaves, Spanx and divorces. We're concerned about athlete's foot. Our state's search terms also indicate that we'd like to know how to cook crack but we don't know what tofu is (search term "what is tofu?"). It's not exactly flattering, but at least we're not Alabama (who searched for "Satan" regularly), Alaska ("bestiality"), Arkansas ("Walmart jobs"), Florida ("lice"), Hawaii ("cock fighting"), Indiana ("I have a rash"), New York ("bed bugs"), South Dakota ("Nickelback"), Texas ("Do I have herpes?") or West Virginia ("scabies").

Using Google Correlate and Trends, Curbed Atlanta dug a little deeper to see who's thinking about moving to our fine city. The results...

Top 10 (Non-Georgia) States Googling "Move To Atlanta"

1. Mississippi
2. Alabama
3. South Carolina
4. Tennessee
5. Louisiana
6. North Carolina
7. Maryland
8. Wisconsin
9. Florida
10. District of Columbia

[Data Source: Google Correlate (]

Google's list of most searched for U.S. cities puts Atlanta at number 6...

Other fun facts about Georgia's teams, schools and companies...

Our Atlanta Braves have spent 104 straight months in Google's top 10 most Googled teams, once reaching the number 4 spot. They now sit at number 6.

The Hawks have spent just two months in the top 10 most Googled basketball teams and now sit at number 10 after peaking at number 9.

Atlanta-based Home Depot is the third most Googled retail company in the U.S., sitting just below Amazon and Walmart. It has spent 124 straight months in the top 10 and once hit the number 1 spot.

Among the most Googled universities and colleges, the University of Georgia made it to number 14 (up from number 25 last month) and once spent six months in the top 10. The only other Georgia school to make the top 50 is Emory at number 45.

· You Can Learn A Lot About America From Each State's Internet Search History [Estately]
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