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Un-Started Condo Has Healthy Self-Esteem, Hefty Price

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While renters watch tower after tower of apartments rise in Midtown, buyers have been mostly under-served. Seventh Midtown, a nine-story boutique condo building at the corner of Peachtree and 7th streets, won't do much to change that with its slight inventory of just 20 units, but it knows a hot commodity when it sees one, noting on its website that "Now, only a select few will own Midtown." The price of the first condo listed in the unfinished building indicates that they believe the hype — $1.5 million (oh, and $1,521 in monthly HOA fees) for a three-bedroom, three-bath unit. The 2,874-square-foot unit in question features 10-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, fancy designer cabinetry and appliances, a balcony and parking next door at Viewpoint.

The marketing folks for Seventh try hard to project sophistication, promising that finishes "have been hand-selected by top designers to create luxurious spaces for the privileged owners" and throwing around phrases like "discerning urban dweller" and "exclusive opportunity" with ease. Also, the website displays a full-screen photo of a handsome puppy and a number of interior photographs that indicate the condos will be located in some wooded mountain area, so who knows?

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