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Hallelujah! Live In A Historic Old Fourth Ward Church For $350K

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There are plenty of reasons to love the idea of buying the McGruder Street Church of God in Christ. For starters, it offers 6,240 square feet for just $350,000 in the Old Fourth Ward, right on the Beltline. That's enough to make the price seem like a bargain. The historic church, built in 1940, also has a delightfully old-school customizable sign out front, gorgeous stained glass windows and space for your very own choir. Granted, the heating and air conditioning bills would be out of this world and it would take some money and time to transform the cavernous space into proper living quarters, but the buyer who makes the effort is going to be the envy of the neighborhood. Plus, as the listing points out, you can sleep well with "the knowledge you're purchasing a piece of holy ground." Can we get an amen?
· 611 Mcgruder Street [Estately]