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Spotted: Beltline Reference In Moreland Avenue Listing

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Can the Beltline's magical powers revitalize the stretch of Moreland Avenue between the Edgewood Retail District and Interstate 20? This dirt-cheap Moreland Lofts townhome certainly hopes so. The listing shouts that this two-bedroom unit sits "under a ½ mile to the Beltline!" — as if the stretch of the Eastside Trail it references is something more than an ankle-twisting dirt path right now. (Construction to bring the trail southward could begin this summer). The unit has lingered on the market for nearly two months despite a $189,000 price tag, which includes a garage (one car), a little yard and more than 1,400 square feet. Even the most discerning buyer would have to admit this place is pretty slick (those black appliances notwithstanding) and wide open enough to carry a good echo (maybe). With no decorations, it smacks as too minimalist, a little too 2006. Getting to the Beltline, when it exists, will entail crossing Moreland and hoofing through Reynoldstown, but the patient buyer could be rewarded. The Walkscore is already 68, but attractions like "Wings & Philly" and "Discount Meat Market" won't exactly get the suburban empty-nesters flocking in.
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