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Beltline: The Best Rehab Project In The Whole Wide World?

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Jonathan Philips

Aside from a handful of Negative Nancys who probably also hate puppies, rainbows and sunshine, Atlantans love the Beltline. And as it turns out, we're not the only ones. Our city's universally impressive urban redevelopment project is the best in the world (the whole world! boom!) and now has the award to prove it. The Beltline just received the prestigious Prix d'Excellence Award for Best Environmental Rehabilitation Project from the International Real Estate Federation. You can tell it's a big deal because of its fancy name and because the awards ceremony was held in Luxembourg. They don't give out just any award in Luxembourg. Judges were particularly impressed with the way the Beltline turned a "barren, contaminated site" into Historic Fourth Ward Park and transformed an "abandoned heavy freight rail corridor into a public recreation oasis." Bravo, Beltline, keep up the good work. The world is watching.
· Atlanta Beltline [website]