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Braves Stadium Spotlighted By National Mag; Gripes Ensue

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Architect magazine spotlights the Cobb-Atlanta Braves stadium this month and its early watercolor renderings, shedding light on the work processes of the stadium's master planners. The Jerde Partnership is designing a master plan for the $672 million stadium, which will seat 41,500 Bravos fans who survive the traffic gantlet. The magazine caught up with Jerde at their Venice Beach, ocean-facing offices in 2011, finding that "senior design staff are assigned to every project, which is reviewed by the entire group and reflects the opinions of the office as a whole." Still, that's not enough to mollify some commenters on the magazine story. "Whoa, those first 5 renderings look like my daughters watercolors," one man cries. "With a $672 million budget, you'd think they could spring for a few good renders." Another takes umbrage with the stadium's positioning: "From the overview of the ballfield it appears that the orientation of the field would put the left-fielder looking directly into the setting sun …. (and it) also puts the mass of spectators (sitting) in the blazing sun, and further away from the 'Experience' outside the field."
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