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$2.5M Buckhead Manse Chucks Restraint Out The Window

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This five-bedroom Buckhead mansion combines an impressive number of bizarre features under one roof. In one white room, Ionic columns and a Greek-style sculpture flank a white piano on an elevated stage, over which hangs a lavish gold and crystal chandelier. In another room, the parquet flooring is polished to a mirror-like sheen — in keeping with the aforementioned extravagance, until you notice the office-style drop ceilings and fluorescent lights. A lonely waiting room chair, a small table with a landline phone and two decorative end tables are the sole furnishings. A bathroom with an unnecessarily large chandelier, a toilet positioned at a jaunty angle and an embellished mirror bring back the fanciness, which is gone a moment later in the kitchen, whose straight lines, clean white surfaces and lack of embellishment make it seem like it came from a completely different home. The second of eight bathrooms (again with a large chandelier) features vertigo-inducing striped wallpaper, a retro vanity with plexiglass chair and a black spa tub. An octagonal room with walls made of mirrors and windows is, presumably (based on the exercise ball on the floor), intended to be a workout space for narcissists. The wood paneled office features an ornately carved fireplace mantel. It is 8,100 square feet of weirdness and inconsistencies. The right chandelier-crazy buyer can scoop it up for $2.5 million.
· 3451 Paces Valley Road [Estately]