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Fuqua: Lindbergh Project 'Will Be Embraced By Community'

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Jeff Fuqua's attempt to bring a Walmart-anchored development to south Buckhead a couple of years ago rankled more than a few locals, ultimately getting the ax.

The veteran developer, however, hasn't given up on doing something with the site. Fuqua said his company, Fuqua Development LLC, is working on a new idea for the site, which takes up about 12 acres between Lindbergh and Morosgo drives — but he isn't saying what. "We are moving forward on what will be a very interesting project," Fuqua told Curbed Atlanta this week. "We believe this plan will be embraced by the community. We're still in the planning process and it would be too early to release any information."

Meanwhile, it appears work is beginning on an apartment project in the northwest corner of the same property, the entirety of which Fuqua pitched in 2012 as a Walmart-centric multi-use development. Last summer, news broke that Greystar was targeting the six acres directly behind Lindbergh Plaza. Property records show that, in October, an LLC by the name of "Elan Lindbergh Property Owner" purchased the land for $7 million. (Elan is the first name of most Greystar developments, including those at Westside and a pending project in Reynoldstown near the Fuqua-built Edgewood Retail District. What a coincidence!) Though emails to Greystar went unanswered, a tipster pointed out that a parking deck has recently been built on the property.

With that settled, more or less, the main question centers on what Fuqua's up to next door. He didn't exactly make friends with Lindbergh neighbors back in 2012, and he isn't doing so in his current quest to bring a Walmart to Glenwood Park. Maybe this time he'll steer clear of controversy?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

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[ABOVE: Headshot via Fuqua Development.]