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Meet The Pop-Up Shops Debuting Along The Streetcar Route

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On June 7, more than a dozen new pop-up shops will open along Auburn and Edgewood avenues to give life to at least a few of the 30 vacant buildings within a quarter of a mile of the streetcar's route. Show up between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. on opening day for a pop-up launch party with in-store giveaways, music, food and drinks — oh, and shopping, of course. Can't forget the shopping.

First, meet the five pop-ups going into 171 Auburn Avenue:
Arbitrary Living: No systematic living here, just a lot of "modernized" 17th and 18th century furniture and home décor. A lot of what's on their Facebook page reads way more modern than that but is pretty stylish nonetheless.
The Byrd's Box: This boutique selling locally made goods (a la Homegrown in Decatur, perhaps?) has a self-professed "art house feel."
Just Add Honey: Despite its name, this is not a store specializing in local honey (though they do sell it) or even a beekeeping supply store but rather a tea shop that sells loose leaf teas.
ModernTribe: The store's description speaks for itself: "Judaica and Jewish gifts for younger and hipper Jews!"
Sock Fancy: Like Cat Fancy but for socks... only it's a monthly subscription for interesting socks rather than a monthly subscription for interesting cat photos.

Other Auburn Avenue shops:
Civil Bikes, 344 Auburn: This cool concept pop-up provides bike tours of significant locations relating to the civil and human rights movements and is a perfect fit for the neighborhood.
Fresh.i.Am, 346 Auburn: Described as a "multi-tiered creative entity that brings together art, fashion, music and culture," Fresh.i.Am sells clothes that may well be too cool for 80 percent of the population. Go check it out anyway. Maybe you're among the 20 percent.

Here's what's coming on Edgewood Avenue:
Brixtix Dog Bakery, 209 Edgewood: No, the dogs aren't doing the baking because while most people would pay to see that, they'd be way less likely to pay to eat that. Instead, Brixtix are purveyors of made-from-scratch dog treats with no preservatives or artificial junk. Also, they come in cool shapes like Star Wars characters and Halloween monsters.
Indie Craft Experience, 209 Edgewood: ICE is already familiar to the many Atlanta crafters and twee peeps who have frequented their craft market events. This summer, they're getting their craft on at the Auburn Curb Market.
Criminal Records, 345 Edgewood: It is Criminal Records. Y'all know what to do.
Rob Simmons Gallery, 443 Edgewood: Simmons is an artist who takes (among other things) long-exposure, low-light photographs. His work, much of which focuses on Atlanta-scapes, is worth a look.
Fallen Arrows, 482 Edgewood: Fallen Arrows makes custom t-shirts in any quantity and also sells artist-designed shirts, such as the heart WRAS shirt that's been popping up on radio aficionados all over town.

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