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Coming This Fall: Work On Beltline's Eastside, Westside Trails

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[^ Shovel ready? A gallery of how the Eastside Trail's next leg looks today.]

Patience, Beltliners, patience: It may not be as quickly as expected, but expansions to Atlanta's favorite reclamation project (if not the world's favorite) will begin this year. Beltline spokesman Ethan Davidson said Thursday that work extending the Eastside Trail (from Irwin Street, through Reynoldstown) and starting the Westside Trail (a three-mile stretch from Washington Park to Adair Park) is slated to begin sometime this fall. A few months ago, Creative Loafing relayed news from a neighborhood meeting that the Eastside Trail project might begin in July but, alas, it isn't to be. The waiting, as Tom Petty once said, is the hardest part.

As was probably expected, the start dates for each individual Beltline project have been moving targets thus far, but progress is certainly being made. The Edgewood Avenue Bridge — which was mostly to blame for holding up the Eastside Trail's southward extension — finally reopened last month. The Eastside Trail Gateway, which will connect it to Old Fourth Ward Park, is slated for an opening sometime this summer. The Beltline folks announced just this week that they'd received a $5 million grant from the James M. Cox Foundation for the Westside Trail.

So buck up, bikers, walkers, joggers and trail-o-philes — more Beltline is just around the corner. Ish. Sort of.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

[Photos by Christopher T. Martin, Curbed Atlanta.]
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