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In Decatur, Dirt Moves On 'Luxury' Rental Community

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A little ways off the Decatur Square, Paces Properties is moving dirt on a 176-unit apartment community called "Paces Clairemont." Crews have begun ripping up an asphalt parking lot behind the curved Fidelity office building along Commerce Drive, Decatur Metro reports. Plans call for a five-story luxury apartment building with predominant frontage along Commerce Drive, with many of the ground-floor units having brownstone stoop entrances, which are always a nice touch. Following another commendable Atlanta trend, the apartments will wrap around a planned seven-story parking structure, largely shielding that unsightly monster from public view. It sounds like the deck will provide parking for apartment residents (225 spaces) and the neighboring office building (298). Like poet Robert Frost said, shared internalized parking structures make for good neighbors. Or something like that.
· Paces Clairemont Construction Commences Along Commerce [DM]