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Here Now, 11 Sultry Pools From The Hotlanta Listings World

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Sizzle sizzle, y'all — it's May in Atlanta. While places like North Dakota and Chicago are packing away their pea coats, we've been mowing grass and guzzling drinks on patios for months. But now comes the swelter: Memorial Day is rapidly approaching, and it's getting real hot, real quick. The good thing is that ATL is home to lots of sweet tea, beaucoup session beer and plenty of pools. Here now to whet the summertime appetite for backyard bacchanalia are 11 (mostly) fabulous Atlanta pools currently on the market. Along with their (mostly) multi-million dollar mansions. Pool upkeep might be a bitch, but the freedom to plunge at will is so American.

1. 490 W. Paces Ferry Road NW

If you were to drop $15.9 million on Big Poppa's nine-bedroom, 13-bathroom behemoth, you'd get a pool flanked by the finest marble and coral stone. Surely that won't be hot on your naked tootsies.

2. 3611 Tuxedo Court NW

The pool at this 14,350 square-foot crib originally built for NBAer Isaiah Thomas actually isn't particularly impressive. But probably still refreshing.

3. 4168 Randall Court NW

Relatively small, but it ain't bad. For $3.9 million, you could be sunbathing while surrounded by pink brick and ivy. It'll be like a wet Downton Abbey. But not as weird as it sounds.

4. 206 17th St. NE

Tucked away off 17th Street, the pool at this Ansley Park abode may or may not take up the whole backyard — but it feels so right.

5. 3200 W. Andrews Drive NW

The colors in this photo may or may not have been brightened up in Photoshop, but damn it looks refreshing. And cold. Comes with 7,300 square feet, seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

6. 1955 W. Paces Ferry Road NW

The modern style of the home surrounding this cement pond means it's perfect for blaring house music while floating around. The three-acre lot means you can do it naked. You know. If you're into that.

7. 14 Lake Forrest Lane NE

Speaking of modern, how about ultra modern? There's also a black-and-white print of Breakfast-at-Tiffany's Audrey Hepburn taking up an entire wall inside. So yeah. You probably wouldn't be able to relax much.

8. 3615 Randall Mill Road NW

The pool's nice, but the surrounding flora is nicer. Just shy of $2.2 million for the property, which includes a 6,600 square-foot house built in 1945.

9. 8 Cherokee Road NW

Pretty regal, y'all. Pretty regal.

10. 4318 Whitewater Creek Road NW

Look! A poolside statue of a very muscular, presumably naked man doing one of those gymnastic-y Olympic things.

11. 421 Blackland Road NW

Justin Bieber was once rumored to be interested in the 16,000 square-foot home that comes with this pool, but don't hold that against it. It's quite lovely and is of the infinity variety, though it's not that far off the ground.

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep