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Townhomes Are A Tale Of Two Edgewood Avenues

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Imagine you're in the market for a townhome on the burgeoning Edgewood Avenue corridor. You've narrowed it down to these two options, knowing that, frankly, the sky's the limit for either one. But they're so vastly different, beginning with the neighborhoods they call home. On one hand, you could save a boatload of cash and open a street-level storefront, while the other has that coveted Inman Park address. Let's shove them into a hypothetical cage and let them scrap until one emerges victorious. It's time for Real Estate Deathmatch.

Fronting the stretch of Edgewood Avenue that's home to a growing slate of bars and restaurants, this unit at the Edgewood Exchange favors function over form. The price is $375,000, and that includes a live-work zoning that allows for street retail on one of ATL's most booming corridors. The balcony views are killer, and both bedrooms qualify as masters. One drawback: While it might be easily updated, some aspects of this place have all the charm of a plastics factory, especially those blah bathrooms.

Built: 2001
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 3
Square feet: 1,720 (may not include retail space)
HOA: $50/month
Special bonus: The nearby Atlanta Streetcar
Listing: 419 Edgewood Ave. SE Unit 419 []

Just over the rebuilt Edgewood Avenue bridge, this three-bedroom townhome, designed by Cablik Enterprises, is larger and includes Inman Park schools. Of course, that'll cost you. At $499,000, the ask is substantially more, but the residence is obviously cushier. The "sky lounge" is quite leafy and the views could be even more expansive. The appliances and countertops are beyond passable, though some might cry "That's so 2007!" with other aspects (bathroom faucets). Its 85 Walkscore isn't as good as the O4W unit, but it passes the baseball test. That is, you could toss a baseball from the roof and hit great stuff, such as, eventually, the Beltline.

Built: 2007
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Square feet: 2,240
HOA: Unspecified
Special bonus: The nearby Atlanta Beltline; connection pending
Listing: 675 Edgewood Ave. Unit 0 [Estately]

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