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Comment Of The Week (Co-Champions)

This week, the post "Downtown: The New, Um, Darling Of Urban Atlanta?" incited a refreshingly intelligent and heartfelt debate about homelessness being an impediment to the city's oldest business district. "The homeless situation is truly devastating. While it is a terrible situation for those people, it is also a major bane for revitalizing the area. Walking around campus getting haggled and having to smell those smells was definitely NOT how I wanted to prepare for a big exam. And I totally agree, downtown needs to cater to EVERYONE, not just the less fortunate." — former GSU student Foosgold.

Later, commenter Nicholas Johnathan Mulkey chimed in: "Homelessness continues to be a thorn in Atlanta's side but our hands are a little more tied than other cities ... we could do like Chicago and boot the homeless out of downtown completely, and in the process obliterate their civil liberties and any inkling of us being a true 'civil/human rights capital.'"