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Parking Garage Death Allowing For New Downtown Park

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Last week, demolition crews started razing a 60-year-old, low-rise parking deck across the street from the Georgia State Capitol in what hopefully/doubtfully is the beginning of a new trend. As the AJC notes, the broader long-term project will give Capitol Hill its first major facelift since Georgia's most famous peanut farmer was president. The parking area will be supplanted by an outdoor space for protesting, rallying or just relaxing called Liberty Plaza. With room for 4,500 fiery nonconformists, the park could also become home to a planned Martin Luther King Jr. monument and, if renderings are accurate, new greenspaces and banks of trees. When officials announced the Liberty Plaza project last year, they envisioned it breaking ground in January and wrapping by the end of this year; as always, those plans are behind schedule. Ideally speaking, what other parking garages around town would make for better, more human-scale uses, if they were demolished? The aesthetic disaster at Spring and Marietta streets downtown jumps to mind.
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