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Beltline's 'Gateway' Project Is Becoming A Physical Reality

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While there's still no specific opening date for the Beltline's Eastside Trail Gateway, work is well under way, and we have photographic evidence! The Gateway project — a winding, landscaped path connecting the Eastside Trail with Historic Fourth Ward Park — broke ground earlier this year. By the looks of it, concrete has been poured for maybe one-fourth of the walkway, which branches off the Beltline near Angier Springs Road (behind the Two Urban Licks building) and eventually joins the park near the current Georgia Power site. Workers have planted trees and laid framework at the parts nearest the Beltline. The majority of the prep work appears to be done at the other end, which is at a significantly lower elevation than the Eastside Trail.

Officials have said the project will be completed at some point this summer but haven't been any more specific. Beltline spokesman Ethan Davidson said Monday that "work is proceeding on schedule" and they hope to have more information on an opening date "in the coming weeks."

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep

[Renderings via; photos by Tyler Estep, Curbed Atlanta.]

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