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'The Cube' Asks $1.7M For Dazzling Views And Architecture

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A house known as "The Cube" could be blocky and boring, but this 4,433-square-foot Morningside-Lenox Park stunner is anything but dull. The contemporary design is rife with right angles, from the four by four grid of windows facing the pool to the perfect squares of the garage doors, hot tub and balcony. Even the boxy glass cubes used in the bathrooms and kitchen, which would look dated in another setting, manage to add to the cool continuity of this modern four-bedroom, four-bathroom abode. Built in 1999, The Cube sits right on Piedmont Park and earns a Walk Score of 71 out of 100. The steel-framed construction also includes fancy technology that allows the owner to control the lighting, sound system and window treatments with the touch of a button. It's like living in a futuristic space station, if the space station had easy Beltline access and unobstructed views of the Atlanta skyline.
· 1300 Monroe Drive [Zillow]