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A Lot Better! 330 Apartments To Replace Vacant Car Lot

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Another concrete eyesore bites the dust! In this case, the 9.4-acre gray wasteland in question is the abandoned car lot at the corner of Church Street and Milscott Drive in Decatur, which will soon be transformed into a 330-unit residential development called The Reserve. The DeKalb County Board of Commissioners recently approved plans by Atlantic Realty Partners (who are also responsible for the apartments replacing Dante's Down The Hatch) to add 305,250 square feet of rentable space to the long-ignored corner. The math indicates that the average apartment will be 925 square feet. Two vaguely U-shaped four-story buildings will enclose a courtyard with terraces and a pool and will, according to plans, mostly shield the project's 495 parking spaces from public view. Among the county's requirements are a play area/dog park of at least 12,000 square feet, bike racks and lockers for at least seven percent of units, pedestrian access to the Patel Plaza strip mall to the North, recycling facilities and ample landscaped space.
· 330-unit apartment complex coming to corner of Church St. and Milscott Dr. [Medlock Area Neighborhood Association]
[Images via Dekalb County Planning And Sustainability Docs]