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Renovated 68,000-Sq-Ft Delta Flight Museum Opens Today

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Last September, Delta Air Lines began an arduous nine-month construction project to transform its hangers into a state-of-the-art, 68,000-square-foot flight museum. Today, on Delta's 85th anniversary, Atlanta added one more site to its fast-growing list of attractions for visitors; the newly renovated Delta Flight Museum re-opened to the public with interactive displays, one-of-a-kind aircraft and rare aviation artifacts. During the renovation of the historic hangars, a mezzanine was installed, walls were removed to make room for a large museum store and a 1,200-person venue was added beneath the wings of a 767. The exterior of one building was painted with vintage lettering circa 1942 and windows were replaced with insulated glass. The airline also installed an actual 737 flight simulator, which was used to train Delta pilots until last year. It is the only one of its type available to the general public. While general museum admission will cost only $12 for adults and $6 for children, training in the simulator is priced for true aviation enthusiasts: $395 for an hour of flight briefing and operation.

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