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Fore! The Five Best ITP Putting Greens For Sale Right Now

Summer is the perfect time to sport some patterned pants and brush up on your golf game. The buyers of these five ITP houses can do that without leaving the comfort of home. Whether you're a serious golfer working on perfecting your putting skills, or a mini-golf wanna-be who would add spinning windmills and giant gaping clown mouths to putt through, these homes offer hours of fun for the right golf enthusiast.

131 Burdette Road
The green: This gently rolling outdoor green next to the pool is among the largest on our list.
The house: This grand 9,782-square-foot estate has seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and a carriage house. When not golfing, the owner can lounge in the wooden steam room, splash in the spacious pool or catch a movie in the home's theater. Luxe with a capital L, y'all.
The price: $3,995,000

325 Ledgemont Court
The green: This mostly flat, three-hole green is fairly small but has a swing above it for cheering spectators as well as wooden steps that give it a real putt-putt look. Just add a metal loop-de-loop and colorful balls.
The house: This five-bedroom, four-bath family home has been on the market for 111 days. Its fanciest feature (aside from the putting green) is a cozy-looking home theater. Its most disturbing feature is the number of animal heads hanging on the wall, but those don't come with the house.
The price: $560,000

435 King Road
The green: This set up is for the golfer who is serious about improving their game. It's not just a putting green. Oh, no, it is a high-tech interactive golf simulator. Behold its three enormous screens, its tiny golf flags and its state-of-the-art swing analyzer. Ready the Masters jacket.
The house: Curbed Atlanta has written about this pricey stunner more than once (apparently selling a $10 million house in Atlanta isn't easy because it has been on and off the market for years). But a list of the best putting greens on the market would not be complete without it. Name an amenity and it'll be in this home. Indoor lap pool? Yep. His and hers fitness studios? Uh-huh. Theater? Game room? Full bar? Wine cellar? indoor sports court? Yes, yes, yes. Anything.
The price: $10,000,000

665 Timm Valley Road
The green: This one is unexpected, just lurking on a right alongside the house where you'd expect a yard. Unless the shadows are deceiving, it appears to be on a slight hill, which would add an element of challenge.
The house: Less than 10 years old, this 5,400-square-foot five-bedroom home has lots of natural light and an attractive stone fireplace in the center of the airy, open-plan living/dining/kitchen areas.
The price: $1,149,000

1296 N Morningside Drive
The green: Around the back, by the carport, this compact, level green has a swing for fans to rest on and a balcony from which an announcer can report on the putter's every move.
The house: Ignore the hideously dated features in the finished basement of this four-bedroom, three-bath brick home in Morningside, and it's not half bad.
The price: $750,000