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Songster Shawn Mullins' Former Lake Claire Digs Ask $349K

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This Condo of Zen in Lake Claire was originally owned by Atlanta-based musician Shawn Mullins, famed for his Grammy-nominated '90s hit "Lullaby" and later collaborations with the Zac Brown Band. It's not hard to imagine some serious acoustic powwows going down at this place. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom residence includes a private sanctuary with a deck and koi pond, all ringed with black bamboo. Moving inside, the Zen vibe continues with an abundance of natural light, large doors and airy spaces. Back in 1998, the designer was architect Carlos Tardio, known for building modernist domiciles in woodland settings around Atlanta. At just shy of 1,600 square feet, the condo has ample room to roam, though the kitchen leans toward teeny-tiny. Drawbacks might be the extremely minimal bathrooms, the single-car garage and the racetrack that is DeKalb Avenue next door. But there's no doubt the place is unique. Asking price: $349,900.
· 2038 Dekalb Ave. [Estately]