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You'd Never Guess What Lies Within This 1961 Snoozer

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Have a gander at the 1961 ranch at left. Careful — don't fall asleep. Now try to envision what the interior looks like. What comes to mind? Thick, beige carpeting? Maybe some shiny wainscoting? An abundance of framed Mallard and Labrador prints? Shame on you and your stereotypes. This "contemporary charmer" (the listing agent's words) off Briarcliff Road makes like Castleberry Hill with a mind-blowing great room that's borderline industrial and full-blown radical. What home-shopper in their right mind would foresee exposed ductwork, concrete countertops and — wait — a stainless fireplace mantel inside such a conservative exterior, in a subdivision called Canterbury Forest, no less? The rest of these 2,348 square feet seem well preserved and restrained enough, though some might bitch that the majority of the house clashes with Two Urban Licks around back. This most surprising juxtaposition is all yours for $439,900. Be warned: Fainting dinner guests could be an issue.

· 2717 Galahad Drive NE [Keller Williams Realty]