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Biking, Beer District Is Brewing Near Sweetwater, Beltline

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[Armour Junction photos, renderings courtesy EpiCity.]

A "bike and brew community" with easy access to shopping, restaurants, Sweetwater beer and eventually the Beltline?! Quadruple yes, y'all. Developer EpiCity has announced plans for Armour Junction, a mixed-use project near Interstate 85 and the Sweetwater Design District. The five-building renovation project at Plasters Avenue and Mayson Street sounds very Colorado. Promotional brochures bill it as follows: "This park and pedal atmosphere will include flex commercial space, restaurants and shops including a bike shop, coffee shop and brewery, as well as vertical residential units and an event space with skyline views, rooftop gardens and terraces." The project will be directly on the Beltline (once the trail makes it up that far) and a short trek to the Sweetwater brewery.

It sounds like a fresh twist on the mixed-use development concept in a small pocket of Atlanta that, as is, can seem pretty damn dreary, and it could be a prime place to hang out between Midtown and Buckhead. The most interesting part, perhaps, is that EpiCity says the previous tenant moved out just six weeks ago and "many" office spaces are move-in ready right now. Those who jump in now, the developer said in a newsletter, "will be pioneers in spirit and will be rewarded handsomely as the exterior improvements will come over the next several months." The Armour Junction website has a siteplan and some fairly generic computer-generated sketches. The current buildings aren't much to look at, but sprucing them might not take much. Could Atlanta's first true beer district be on the rise?

— By Curbed Atlanta contributor Tyler Estep