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Gunshow's First Year; Trace Opens at W Midtown

GLENWOOD PARK — Chef/owner Kevin Gillespie dishes on Gunshow's first year. Gillespie talks about how his unique format works and what might be coming in the future, among other things.

MIDTOWN — Trace is now open at the W Atlanta — Midtown, bringing with it a "farm-to-hotel" concept. Executive chef Shean Suter will source food locally and seasonally thanks to a partnership with Wolfscratch Farm in Jasper, Ga.

BUCKHEAD — A national gourmet hamburger chain, Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar, has opened its Lenox Square location. The restaurant uses Certified Angus and American-style Kobe beef, which is ground twice daily, and its bar features 17 beers and 23 wines.

WESTSIDE — Riverside coffee shop Chattahoochee Coffee Company is expanding to the Walton Westside apartment complex. It will feature Counter Culture Coffee, which will be served via French press and Chemex drip filtration rather than the common pour-over.