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Stickers List Residents' Hopes And Concerns For Auburn Ave.

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As Curbed Atlanta previously reported, the Atlanta Regional Commission's recent Sweet Auburn: Living Beyond Expectations event aimed to temporarily transform two blocks of Auburn Avenue into walkable, healthy areas with events such as gardening demos, outdoor movies and bike tours over the weekend. The metamorphosis was not overly dramatic and may not even have been noticed by some passersby, but one project stood out: two tall boards covered in orange and white stickers. These "community idea walls" allowed Auburn Avenue residents to share ideas on how to improve their historic neighborhood. Suggestions ranged from the obvious (eliminating abandoned buildings and keeping MLK's legacy alive) to the unexpected (ropes course and candy shop, anyone?).

Concern about gentrification forcing locals out was high on the list of concerns, as was respecting the older generation, cleaning up litter, improving sidewalks and providing a public green space with shade trees. Many residents mentioned transit (the streetcar is on its way) and one sticker noted that drivers should realize that they are secondary to pedestrians in the neighborhood.

It would be interesting to do this project in neighborhoods around the city to see how the responses would vary. Which neighborhood do you live in and what are your top priorities and/or concerns? Feel free to use the comments section as your own personal Community Idea Wall. Don't put a sticker on your computer screen. It leaves a residue.