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Event Will Take Aim At Planning, Building A Bike-Friendly ATL

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Atlanta's streets can be downright terrifying for amateur bikers (and even, at times, for experienced cyclists). There are a number of initiatives — most notably the Green Lane Project, Beltline trails and proposed bike-share program — that are already making bicycles seem like a safer, more attractive option, but what else can be done to make Atlanta friendlier to two-wheeled commuters and recreational riders? A June 26 event at Piedmont Park's Park Tavern aims to find out.

Hosted by the Urban Land Institute Atlanta, the Pedaling Forward event will examine issues at the intersection of real estate, city planning and cycling. Attendees will find out what the PATH Foundation has planned for bikers, what's going on with that bike-share program we kept hearing about, which new Atlanta developments are implementing bike-friendly features and how the city's roads are being changed to be more accommodating to cyclists and pedestrians. Creative Loafing's Thomas Wheatley will moderate a panel that will include representatives from the PATH Foundation, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Midtown Alliance, Inman Quarter, JPX Works and Alta Planning & Design. Registration is open now. Light appetizers and drinks are included in your registration, just in case you were on the fence.

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[ABOVE: photo via the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.]