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This $525K Decatur Home Harbors Contemporary Secrets

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If it's WOW!!!! you seek, this Decatur house has it, in every sense of the word. Located in Lenox Place, a few contorted blocks from downtown, the 1924 bungalow will wow you and then "knock your socks off (with) its contemporary style the minute you walk (through) the door!" the listing agent booms. And that could be an understatement. Put your socks back on and step inside: The open floor plan is certainly unique, with generous use of natural spruce and materials like fossilized Tennessee field stone and slate. The overall aesthetic lands somewhere between city loft and backwoods Norway. Maybe it's a typo, but Zillow lists the square footage as 1,005 for this three-bedroom. But the sale actually includes another parcel behind the home, so expansion possibilities could run deep. Or the peace and quiet could be eternal. Asking price: $525,000.

· 317 Drexel Ave. [Estately]