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Unseen Underground Tour Solves City Planning Mysteries

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There has been much debate about why Atlanta is laid out the way it is. One of the best ways to get real answers is to go on architect Jeff Morrison's Unseen Underground walking tour of downtown. After leading a few friends through Atlanta's original street level (hint: it might not be where you think it is) about eight years ago, Morrison started offering the free tour to the public. Today, it runs several times a year (when Morrison "feels like it") and can draw groups of more than 100 people. To join, keep a careful eye on the Unseen Underground Facebook page. The two-hour tour leads urban explorers through parking lots and abandoned spaces, beneath Atlanta's overpasses and viaducts, up and down countless stairs and around the railroad Gulch that may or may not ever become an epic multi-modal passenger terminal. Even self-proclaimed Atlanta experts and history buffs are bound to learn something along the way.

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