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Here Now, Adventures In Random Correspondences

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A big hat-tip to you, Atlanta. The Curbed tipline has been abuzz recently with valuable tidbits of news and interesting suggestions for coverage, for both real estate and neighborhood happenings. There's also been more lunacy than normal. (Some of which was amazing/hilarious/cringe-worthy but not fit for public distribution). And then, somewhere in between, we have the random emails that deserve some spotlight and might engender lively discussion but might not be appropriate for full posts. We've rounded a few of them up after the jump. The (sic) disclaimer applies.


can we discuss the ponce apartments section 8 housing on the corner of North Avenue and Ponce De Leon in Virginia Highlands and how it's a complete shame. it's section 8 on an insanely valuable piece of property that could house young Atlantans in their 20's and 30's.... it's crazy to me that the largest highrise (sic) in Virginia Highlands - a perfect place for young people to live - is section 8 for the
elderly....... thanks

(No name provided)

Hi, I noticed you don't have much information on East Point & College Park. This area is a hidden gem.

I'm from near there, have lived in Buckhead, etc. but, East Point/College Park need (sic) more attention. It's segregated, as is much of Atlanta south of I-20, and I want to end this!

They're both in the perimeter.
Some great houses/apartments,
New developments.
Lots of young professionals.
Almost limitless potential.

(Contact information withheld)

re: the Seeing Green article and the comment about Piedmont Park being
white ... note that this is measuring *street* greenery and Piedmont and Grant Parks don't have official streets on their interiors ... thus the white expanses.



בהמשך לפרסום תוצאות מחקרנו בערוץ, וגלי-צה"ל –
כ- אחוז מהעסקים הקטנים והבינוניים בישראל לא מרוויחים מספיק

במהלך השנים האחרונות, לאחר שבחנו מעל אלף עסקים מכל הסוגים בישראל ובארצות-הברית,


(Below, "Annoyed" voices displeasure with sign-in commenting. The change was made a few months ago and is explained here. It looks like his/her opinion was meant to post in the comments section of this write-up about Elton John's Druid Hills property …)

Please allow people to comment on your stories as a visitor without
signing up or registering for anything. You would get many more
viewers and comments on your stories. I do not even like to go to the
websites that do not allow you to simply comment without being
registered. It's annoying. I do not want to have to sign in to
anything. I wrote out a whole comment on one of your stories and then
when I went to post it I received notice that I have to be registered.
Extremely annoying.

Find the news story this belongs to and post it for me. Thank You!!!


"I think the house looks great and most people are only able to dream
about having a house like that. Leave it to the choice few to find
something to complain about. And to the person who said.. 'I am in
Cobb County & I will let you know we wouldn't dare have male nudes on our walls now, or back in the 1990s' ... Are you for real!? It's not
even a painting of a nude male. You can zoom in on it.. Regardless, I
would suppose that most people who put nude paintings on the walls do
so because they view the human body, God's work, as a work of art. I'm sure they do not look at it in some twisted perverted sexual way, as
you did. They have a mindset which is on a much higher level of
thinking, unlike yours. I think something may be seriously wrong with
people who have that type of cynical mindset and attempt to demonize

P.S. - as the story goes, a house in Atlanta is on the market and
Elton John invested money into renovating it.. they focused on the
home and the cost of it. The more interesting story would have been
why he doesn't own it but is investing so much money into it? Maybe he
invests in a company that flips houses? who knows.. he seems to have
many interests."

Hello Dear,

Sorry for sending you this mail about my life history. My name is Miss. Keya Morlu Jabba, a daughter to late Chief and Mrs. Fayia Morlu Jabba III of Kissi Kama Sierra Leone, one of the potential Elite and also gold and diamond merchant in my community and died 1997 while in exile in Guinea after much intimidation and attacked by the then ruling party. My main aim of contacting is to seek your support and assistance in guiding his deposited belongings in one of the Sub-African region called Ghana. Also I'd like to voice my concern with the overheated residential pricing of your great city's Old Fourth Ward district …

(Embellished for effect)

Enough with the coverage of my public funded monstrosity downtown. The money should go to potholes, seriously, so why don't you cover that. also I am giving free mustache rides if you want one.

Arthur blank

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